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  APRIL 14-16, 2025 | SAN ANTONIO, TX

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Sensorize Your City!

Monday, May 15, 1-5pm MST (local time)

Sensor makers, smart city hardware and project integrators, and city planners converge at this invite-only session to discuss the latest in products for smart city lighting, waste, transportation, parking, and environmental monitoring. Information will fly as every attendee contributes their ideas, motivations, pain points, and product needs. Structured presentations will set the stage, followed by illuminating panel discussions and real-world challenges posed by questions from the attendees. This workshop is a perfect stage-setter for the rest of the Smart Cities Connect programming. To qualify for this invitation only workshop, please complete the online registration form  

Workshop goals:

  • Sensor Device Maker Sensor Product Introductions (TDK, Bosch, NXP, ST, Infineon)
    • What sensors they are making
    • What markets they currently play in
    • How they are entering the Smart Cities Industry (constraints and business challenges)
    • Device Maker Panel Discussion

  • Hardware Integrators: Connect Sensor makers with smart city hardware integrators
    • Discuss current sensor pain points in their sytems
    • Identify key sensor technologies needed for Smart City Systems
    • Better understand the business model and supply chain of hardware integrators
    • Hardware Integrator Panel Discussion

  • Explore popular Smart City sensor use cases
    • What is the current market and what areas are growing?
    • What are "must have" use cases vs. "nice to have" and how much does it cost?
    • Who owns the data?
    • Where is the funding coming from?
    • Smart City Testbed Panel Discussion

  • Smart City Project Integrator Presentation
    • What are the main facets of a Smart City Project?
    • Audience Feedback and Discussion
    • Sign up to present your Smart City case to the SEMI MSIG Smart City Task Force

Planned Topics / Areas of Interest:

  • Air quality (indoor and outdoor)
  • Transportation (public transportation, Autonomous vehicles)
  • Networks/connectivity (5G, LoRa WAN, NB-loT, 3GPP, etc.)
  • Vehicles detection (EV charging, parking)
  • Resources management (electricity, gas, water, waste)
  • Safety (pedestrians, gunshot detection, etc.)

Intended audience

This workshop is intended for:

  • City & municipal officials both technical and business leaders / decision makers
  • Public sector innovation professionals
  • Public sector smart city IoT professions responsible for smart city planning / projects
  • Departmental management and technical staff
    • Digital Transformation
    • City Operations
    • Smart Mobility
    • Urban Infrastructure
  • Solution Providers
  • Sensor Systems Companies
  • Network Providers for Connected Sensors
  • Sensor Manufacturers

About the Instructors

Tim Brosnihan, Ph.D.
Executive Director of MEMS and Sensors Industry Group, SEMI


Paul Carey Ph.D.
Director MSIG, SEMI


Renil Paramel
Co-founder and CEO, Strategy of Things


Sahil Choudhary
Director of Product Management, TDK InvenSense

Invitation Only Workshop

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Detailed Agenda

Time Company Name Category Name
Start Duration (min)
1:00 0:10 SEMI MSIG Introduction Tim Brosnihan
1:10 0:10 Bosch Air Quality Marcellino Gemelli
120 0:10 TDK Invensense Sensor Roadmap Sahil Choudhary
130 0:10 NXP Sensor Technology Showcase Dan Sadler
1:40 0:20 Panel Discussion (3 Q's) - moderator: Sahil Choudhary, Panel: Marcellino, Dan, Sahil
2:00 0:10 Open Discussion Input From Other Device Makers + Audience Q&A
2:10 0:10 Arduino Smart City Systems Ben Strahan
2:20 0:10 Fybr Parking, Flood Monitoring, Lighting Bret Beringer
2:30 0:10 N5 Sensor Air Quality Debra Deininger
2:40 0:20 Panel Discussion (need 5 Q's) - moderator: Ben Strahan, Panel: Ben, Bret, Debbie
3:00 0:10 Open Discussion Input From Other Hardware Integrators + Audience Q&A
3:10 0:15 Break
3:25 0:10 Chattanooga Smart City Testbed Uma Marques
3:35 0:10 Carlsbad Smart City Dave van Gilluwe
3:45 0:20 Panel Discussion (need 5 Q's) - moderator: Renil Paramel, Panel: Data Dave & Uma
4:05 0:10 Open Discussion Input From Other City Decision Makers + Audience Q&A
4:15 0:10 Senet Smart City Use Cases Noelani McGadden
4:25 0:10 Strategy of Things Smart City Business & Use Case Lab Renil Paramel
4:35 0:20 Open Discussion (Tim and Paul to call on participant for feedback and requests)
4:55 0:05 SEMI MSIG Summary and Closing Paul Carey



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