Smart Cities Connect  Conference & Expo

  MAY 7-10, 2024 | RALEIGH, NC

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Smart Cities Connect is pleased to deliver the 2024 Smart Cities Innovation Challenge Showcase, delivering transformational solutions to global progressive cities and regions worldwide. Come meet companies and research organizations accelerating smart development of urban communities worldwide.


  • BlueHopper, a MeshTek Company (SmarCity beautification and Smart City), Texas, United States
  • Breeze Technologies UG (Environmental Intelligence Suite), Hamburg, Germany
  • Building Diagnostic Robotics (A rapidly scalable robotic roof inspection and reporting system), New York, United States
  • Civic Dollars (Civic Dollars - The Community Currency Platform), Antrim, United Kingdom
  • (CivicReach AI), North Carolina, United States
  • dependbuild (A Risk Mitigation and Knowledge Management Solution), NS, Canada
  • EcoMap (EcoMap Technologies), United States
  • Ecosystem Informatics Inc. (Ecosystem Informatics Inc. Air Quality Monitoring & Management), ON, Canada
  • EMPEQ (Fast Site Survey), New York, United States
  • GetNOISY LLC (NOISY - Automated Noise Tracking and Reporting Solution), California, United States
  • Graymatics SG Pte Ltd (Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision solutions), Singapore, Singapore
  • Helpful Places (Digital Trust for Places and Routines), ON, Canada
  • Legislaide (Cloud-Based, Suite of AI-powered Research, Drafting, and Workflow Tools), Washington, United States
  • Lynx Systems Pty Ltd (Smart Building Skin), NSW, Australia
  • Margik Inc. (Preserv) (Margik Inc.), North Carolina, United States
  • Prezerv Technologies, Inc. (A safer and greener future through innovation in underground digital-twin), Massachusetts, United States
  • Rep'd (A Video Q&A Platform for Municipalities), New York, United States
  • Senzit, INC (Consumable-Centric Fleet Management AI Platform), North Carolina, United States
  • Throne Labs, Inc (Data-driven restrooms that introduce accountability to public facilities), Maryland, United States
  • X-lumin (TeraLink: point-to-point laser communication), Florida, United States

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