Smart Cities Connect  Conference & Expo

MAY 16-18, 2023 | DENVER, CO

2022 Key Speakers Included:

Jordan Davis Jordan Davis
Director Smart Columbus, Columbus Partnership

Chari Mullen Chari Mullen
Director Office of Diversity & Inclusion, City of Fremont

Michael Pegues Michael Pegues
Chief Information Officer, City of Aurora, IL

David Graham David Graham
Chief Innovation Officer, City of Carlsbad, CA

Susan Olson Susan Olson
Assistant Director, Information Technology - SAFER, City of Frisco, TX

Ryan Trujillo Ryan Trujillo
Director of Support Services, City of Colorado Springs

Jason Cooley Jason Cooley
Chief Innovation Officer, City of Frisco, TX

Helen Ramirez Helen Ramirez
Deputy City Manager, City of Brownsville, TX

Oliver Kroner Oliver Kroner
Sustainability Manager, City of Cincinnati

Jennifer Tifft Jennifer Tifft
Director of Strategic Initiatives, City of Syracuse, NY

Brian Moen Brian Moen
Assistant Director Engineering- Transportation, City of Frisco, TX

Lisa Hayes Lisa Hayes
Strategic Performance Manager, Town of Wake Forest, NC

Justin Goodwin Justin Goodwin
Transportation Planning Mgr, City of Columbus

Bryant Johnson Bryant Johnson
Assistant Director of Solid Waste/General Services, City of Clearwater, FL

Kimberly Sharp Kimberly Sharp
Sr Director Development, Central Ohio Transit Authority

Chelsea Collier Chelsea Collier
Editor-at-Large, Smart Cities Connect Media & Research

Ruthbea Yesner Ruthbea Yesner
Vice President, Government Insights and Smart Cities, IDC Government Insights

Thea J. Ewing Thea J. Ewing
Chief Regional Development Officer & Senior Dir. of Programming, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

"As a smart cities practitioner, the Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo is one of the most fruitful conferences of the year, and one that I always prioritize among the many annual conferences.  The impact of being with people from every sector, learning about new technologies & applications, and meeting other local government officials who are on the same or similar journey as we are in Colorado Springs is immeasurable."

Ryan Trujillo, Director of Support Services, City of Colorado Springs

"Out of many choices, I prioritize attending the Smart Cities Connect Conference each year. This conference brings together high-powered decision makers from every part of the smart city ecosystem – city leaders, vendors, academics, researchers and non-profit organizations. The atmosphere is energetic and warm which fosters open, honest conversations and new connections. I recommend this conference for everyone involved in the smart cities movement."

Ruthbea Yesner, VP, Government Insights and Smart Cities, IDC Government Insights

"Smart Cities Connect is a great conference that provides valuable peer networking opportunities at the intersection of civic technology and cutting-edge innovations."

Joshua D. Edmonds, Director of Digital Inclusion, City of Detroit


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