Smart Cities Connect  Conference & Expo
APRIL 4-7, 2022 | COLUMBUS, OHIO, In Partnership with US Ignite Application Summit

2021 Day-At-A-Glance | Tuesday Full Program | Wednesday Full Program

TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2021    

9:30 - 10:00 EDT Preconference Networking
10:00 - 11:30 EDT Keynote Session: A Path Forward - How the Pandemic is Reshaping Cities
  • Welcome Address ~ Chelsea Collier, Smart Cities Connect
  • Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam
  • Digital Equity - Ensuring Access for All Residents and Businesses in Your Community
  • How to Scale Solutions in the Context of Budget Constraints
  • Closing Comments
11:30 - 12:00 EDT Networking Break & Expo Open

Breakout Sessions Digital Transformation:
Networks, Data, AI, 5G, Sensors, IoT, Cyber
Urban Operations:
Lighting, Water, Waste, Planning, Emergency Response
Smart Mobility:
Transportation, Autonomous, Public Transit, Ride Share
12:00 - 12:40 EDT City Sponsored Wireless Networks to Help Address the Digital Divide City Spotlights:
- Coral Gables (FL)
- San Diego,
- Toronto
- Long Beach
Navigating Today's Intelligent Transportation Systems
12:45 - 1:25 EDT Integrating the Physical, Digital and Virtual Worlds: Comprehensive Solutions for Addressing Wide-Ranging City Use Cases with Real Time, Actionable Data and Control, 3D Digital Twins and Simulations How Utilities Optimize Wastewater Networks with Digital Water Management Technology (Urban Operations)
What's Next in Smart City Lighting Operations?: Integrating Systems to Unlock Operational Efficiencies

1:30 - 2:00 EDT
Networking Break & Expo Open  
2:00 - 2:40 EDT Connecting Communities with CBRS (USI) Accelerating Digital Transformation with Municipal Fleets City Spotlights:
- Memphis
- New Orleans
- Columbus (OH)
- Centennial, CO
2:45 - 3:30 EDT City Spotlights:
- Arlington County (VA)
- Atlanta (GA)
- Dallas (TX)
- Pittsburgh (PA)
Smart Cities at their Core:  A Smart water project that delivered resiliency when it was needed the most. Lidar for Smart Intersection Monitoring
3:30 - 4:30 EDT
Networking Reception & Expo Open  

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 2021   

9:30 - 10:00 EDT
Preconference Networking    
10:00 - 11:30 EDT Keynote Sessions: A Path Forward - Innovation & City 2.0
  • Opening Comments - Laura Benold, Managing Editor, Smart Cities Connect
  • Digitalization as a Springboard to Urban Resilience, Economic Recovery and Equity - Al Cho, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Xylem   
  • Adapting Infrastructure in a Pandemic
  • Driving Innovation the 'Columbus Way'
  • Closing comments

Breakout Sessions Urban Infrastructure:
Buildings, Energy, Grid, Utilities, Resilience
Community Engagement:
Policy, Funding, Commerce, Inclusion, Governance
Smart Cities Innovation Challenge
12:00 - 12:40 EDT Step-by-step: How cities can forge their path to 100 percent renewable energy Unveiling Universal Benefits and Challenges within Smart Cities Smart Cities Innovation Challenge
12:45 - 1:25 EDT Wi-SUN Alliance / Silicon Labs City Spotlights:
- Detroit
- San Antonio
- Portland (OR)
- Chula Vista (CA) 
Live Roundtable with the Smart Cities Startup Challenge (1:00-1:25 EDT)
1:30 - 2:00 EDT Networking Break & Expo Open    
2:00 - 2:40 EDT City Spotlights:
- Philadelphia,
- Kitchener (ON) 
- Colorado Springs
Automated Shuttles During the COVID-19 Pandemic Smart Cities and Smart Bases: What It Takes to Bring Your Technology to This Compound and Complex Arena
2:45 - 3:30 EDT Smart City Solutions for Any Size Community and Budget   Smart City, Space City
3:30 - 4:30  EDT Networking & Expo Open


2021 Detailed Program | Day-At-A-Glance   

Tuesday April 13, 2021

10:00 AM

Smart Cities Connect Conference Welcome Address

Chelsea Collier, Editor-at-Large, Smart Cities Connect Media & Research  (@smartcityc)

10:03 AM - 10:05 AM

Special Announcement: Strengthening IoT Networks For Growth and Resiliency

Ralph Northam, Governor, State of Virginia  (@governorVA)

10:05 AM - 10:45 AM

Digital Equity: Ensuring Access For All Residents And Businesses In Your Community

Understanding the importance of connected community - from education to healthcare, remote work, or other social & care services, enabling access for all is now more critical than ever. In this panel, we'll discuss the most in need populations, address digital literacy & inclusion, affordability and pricing as well as and identify the existing barriers and explore the technologies and models to address them and accelerate the deployment of digital services for cities and communities in urgent need.

Chelsea Collier, Editor-at-Large, Smart Cities Connect Media & Research (moderator)  (@smartcityc)
Clayton Banks, CEO, Silicon Harlem  (@siliconharlem)
Colman Keane, Broadband Executive Director, City of Fort Collins  (@fortcollinsgov)
Brian Osterloch, Director of the Department of Technology and Innovation, City of Albuquerque  (@cabq)
Mariela Alfonzo, Founder, State of Place  (@cityfoodlover)

10:45 AM - 10:50 AM

What Happened With Urban Digital Innovation In 2020?

Ruthbea Yesner, Vice President, Government Insights and Smart Cities, IDC Government Insights  (@idc)

10:50 AM - 11:30 AM

How To Scale Solutions In The Context of Budget Constraints

Communities in the US, as well as around the world, are slowly working towards a “new” normal, post COVID-19. This is in the context of financial uncertainty – for some departments and projects, the CARES Act and latest Rescue Plan may provide financial relief, but this will not be evenly distributed across all departments and it is still unclear of the impact on technology investment. At the same time, we have seen that smart city solutions need to move into production and scale to have the desired impact, and often need more investment in IT and network infrastructure as well as new staff skills. Given this, and the reduced state and local budgets from the pandemic, what are ways communities can scale solutions? Beyond traditional financing, are there new models for partnerships that could be effective? What innovations exist in private-public- people partnerships? This session will explore these questions with city and private sectors leaders.

Ruthbea Yesner, Vice President, Government Insights and Smart Cities, IDC Government Insights (moderator)  (@idc)
John Jackson, City Manager, Greenwood Village, CO  (@greenwoodgov)
Jason JonMichael, Assistant Director, Transportation Department, Smart Mobility, Parking Enterprise & Mobility Services, City of Austin  (@austintexasgov)
Michelle Maggiore, Business Development Manager, Transportation and Smart Government, Cisco  (@cisco)
Jeffrey DeCoux, Chairman, Autonomy Fellow, Autonomy Institute  (@jjdecoux)
Aaron Osmond, Workforce Development Leader, AWS Public Sector  (@awscloud)

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Networking Break: Set Up A Meeting

12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

City Sponsored Wireless Networks To Help Address The Digital Divide

Cities around the nation and around the world are looking for innovative ways to provide internet connectivity to individuals and families not currently able to connect to the internet or without a reliable or fast enough connection. These underserved communities are not able to participate in remote work, school, or online health programs. The current pandemic, which forced us into remote work and school, exposed these digital divide issues and made them a priority to solve. This discussion panel will look at different options to provide internet connectivity to those in need. We will discuss the advantages and challenges with city provided public WiFi, CBRS 4G/5G, and working with local internet service providers.

Rob Silverberg, CSIO, Digital Communities, Dell Technologies (moderator)  (@robsilverberg1)
Collin Boyce, CIO, City of Tucson  (@cityoftucson)
Michael Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas  (@msherwood)
Ashwini Chharia, Senior Director, SMART World Solutions, NTT  (@NTTdataservices)

12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

City Spotlight: Urban Operations

This moderated panel will explore and identify challenges and best practices presented by the participating cities.

Regina Ramazzini, Partnership and Community Director, TechConnect  (@smartcityc)
Andrew Watkins, President and COO,  (@marketplacecity)
Erik Caldwell, Chief Sustainability Officer/Director, Sustainability Department, City of San Diego  (@erikcaldwell)
Raimundo Rodulfo, Director of Information Technology / Chief Innovation Officer, City of Coral Gables, FL  (@raimundorodulfo)
Simon Dimuantes, Manager, Integrated Technology Systems, City of Toronto  (@cityoftoronto)
Ryan Kurtzman, Smart Cities Program Manager, City of Long Beach  (@ryan_kurtzman)

12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

Navigating Today’s Intelligent Transportation Systems

The CTIA wireless industry panel delivers insights from a few of today’s leading experts in smart city technologies. Join Black & Veatch, AWS, and the North Carolina DoT as these experts discuss innovations in wireless connectivity and IoT to help make our infrastructure and transportation experience smarter and safer. We will discuss use cases involving connected infrastructure and intelligent transportation systems enabling our connected communities, and roadways, today. Join our experts as they share their experiences in the advancement of smart mobility.

Michelle James, Vice President, Strategic Industry Programs, CTIA (moderator)  (@CTIA)
Paul Pishal, Business Development Director, Black & Veatch  (@black_veatch)
Phil Silver, Leader, Transportation, Amazon Web Services  (@awscloud)
James ‘J.J.’ Eden, Executive Director, N.C. Turnpike Authority, North Carolina Department of Transportation  (@NCDOT)

12:45 PM - 1:25 PM

Integrating The Physical, Digital and Virtual Worlds: Comprehensive Solutions For Addressing Wide-Ranging City Use Cases With Real Time, Actionable Data and Control, 3D Digital Twins and Simulations

More than ever before, cities are facing an escalating number of issues ranging from basic infrastructure management to sustainability and resiliency challenges, now and into the future. To efficiently assess and control infrastructure assets and intelligently plan and implement programs to meet future objectives, cities must have tools and solutions that span the physical, digital and virtual worlds. Tools must be easy to use across organizations and work seamlessly together as data sharing and cross-correlation and impacts and implications of real time actions and simulation activities can have direct and/or indirect consequences across organizations as well as in the three domains. This panel will describe a set of solutions designed to offer cities unique capabilities blending data aggregation, hypervisory monitoring and control, simulation, visualization, digital twins and more. These solutions can be used independently, however, the highest value, cost efficiencies and more informed investment decisions occur when utilizing a tightly coupled, integrated solution. Examples of real-world uses cases and simulations (infrastructure control, mobility, environmental indicators, risk assessment, resiliency) where such solutions have been deployed will be shared and the ease of use and inherent benefits and risks discussed. Such solutions and capabilities are mandatory as cities navigate their paths across the three domains today and into the future.

George Reed, SVP Sales and Marketing NORAM, Siradel (moderator)  (@Siradel3D)
Christophe Papin, VP Business Development Smart Cities, Siradel  (@Siradel3D)
Eamon Drumm, Urban Data Platform Business Developer, ENGIE Digital  (@ENGIEgroup)
Megan Mullarkey, Strategic Projects Manager, Cities and Communities, ENGIE UK & Ireland  (@ENGIEgroup)

12:45 PM - 1:25 PM

How Utilities Optimize Wastewater Networks With Digital Water Management Technology

Sewer overflows are a growing problem for cities around the country. With more severe rain events expected due to climate change, solving this critical water challenge is more important than ever. Doing so affordably is even harder. On this panel, learn how digital modeling and real-time decision support technology delivers greater visibility into the performance and capacity utilization of sewer system assets, allowing these utilities to optimize levels of service while saving CapEx, reducing risk, and protecting the environment.

Stephen Pattenden, Global Practice Manager, Smart Wastewater Networks, Xylem Inc. (moderator)  (@XylemInc)
Stacia Eckenwiler, Assistant Administrator, Division of Sewerage and Drainage, City of Columbus, OH  (@columbusgov)
Kieran Fahey, Director Long-Term Control Plan, City of South Bend, IN  (@cityofsouthbend)
Nicole Pasch, Client Solutions Manager, Xylem Inc.  (@XylemInc)

12:45 PM - 1:25 PM

What's Next In Smart City Lighting Operations: Integrating Systems To Unlock Operational Efficiencies

This seminar will provide real-world examples of smart lighting operations efficiencies gained by leading cities, including Chicago, London and more. Smart cities are leveraging connected lighting systems to realize energy savings while building the network foundation for a broad array of smart city applications. Leading cities are also dramatically improving services and lowering maintenance costs by connecting their lighting networks with back-office systems. Attendees will learn how to implement best practices for smart lighting operations including how to: - Eliminate paper with streaming updates from mobile devices to multiple systems - Control lights from a smartphone or tablet - Access real-time data to fix things fast with step-by-step diagnostics - De-duplicate 311 requests and system alerts to reduce work orders - Consolidate, organize and group work orders to reduce truck rolls - Use business logic to automatically route work orders to the correct crew (construction vs. repairs vs. contractor) - Actively measure and monitor vendors, crews and operations key performance indicators

Dave Basil, President & CEO, TerraGo (moderator)  (@terrago)
Jeff Ross, VP Smart Cities and Utilities, TerraGo  (@terrago)

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Networking Break: Visit the Expo

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

Connecting Communities With CBRS

The pandemic has driven home the need for broadband, but too many communities are still struggling to connect residents. One emerging solution is the deployment of small wireless networks using unlicensed spectrum in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band. These networks can extend the range of fixed broadband connections and offer advantages over WiFi including the ability to reach more people with less equipment. This session will look at the surge in municipal interest around CBRS to connect the unconnected, as well as early community-driven CBRS deployments.

Phil Harvey, US Bureau Chief, Light Reading (moderator)  (@light_reading)
Rolando Alvarez, Director of Technology, DigitalC
Robert Cacace, Jr., COO/CIO, City of Yonkers, NY  (@cityofyonkers)
Emerino Marchetti, VP, Emerging Technologies, Federated Wireless  (@fedwireless)
Michael Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas  (@cityoflasvegas)

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

Accelerating Digital Transformation With Municipal Fleets

Throughout 2020’s public health, economic, social and environmental crises, the last year has demonstrated the ways in which digitized government fleets and operations can both safeguard the resiliency of essential city services and unlock the data-driven potential of our smart cities. Digital solutions are crucial to the future functioning and sustainability of our government services. Looking through the lens of waste and recycling operations, fleets must be made adaptable to multiple uses, schedule changes and remote management. Operations and reporting need to be integrated across city departments. And service needs to be equitable for all city communities. Digital, data-driven technologies are the key to this essential transformation. Join this panel of city leaders and technology experts to explore the digital trends and technologies that are supporting essential services in times of crisis, improving efficiency, and driving smart city innovation for long term resiliency.

Conor Riffle, Vice President, Smart Cities, Rubicon (moderator)  (@c_riffle)
Stephen Goldsmith, Derek Bok Professor of the Practice of Urban Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Former Mayor of the City of Indianapolis, IN  (@goldsmithongov)
Michael Shaw, Director of Public Works, Kansas City, MO  (@KCMO)
Jeff Friedman, Leader of Citizen Services, Amazon Web Services  (@awscloud)

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

City Spotlights: Smart Mobility

This panel of city leaders and innovators will discuss their mobility priorities and the biggest challenges they are facing in transforming urban mobility. The moderated panel will look at best practices and lessons the cities have learned as they cope with a changing mobility landscape, industry disruptions, and the complexities of implementing new services.

Chelsea Collier, Editor-at-Large, Smart Cities Connect Media & Research (moderator)  (@smartcityc)
Laura Bryan, Director, Mayor's Office of Transportation, City of New Orleans  (@cityofNOLA)
Stephen Edwards, Transportation Planning Program Manager, City of Memphis  (@cityofmemphis)
Andrew Wolpert, Project Manager, Smart City Program, City of Columbus  (@smartCbus)
Scott Blumenreich, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer (CITO), City of Centennial  (@ScottE_B)

2:45 PM - 3:30 PM

City Spotlights: Digital Transformation

Cities share what it means to remain relevant, safe, and invested in a time of digital transformation. Hear about the unique challenges and opportunities facing city leaders and what the future may hold for connected communities.

Regina Ramazzini, Partnership and Community Director, TechConnect  (@smartcityc)
David Roberts, Chief Innovation Officer, Indiana Economic Development Corporation (moderator)
Holly Hartell, Assistant Chief Information Officer, Strategic Initiatives, Dept. of Technology Service, County of Arlington, VA
Lillie Madali, Smart City Program Director, City of Atlanta  (@lilliemadali)
Heidi Norman, Acting Director, Dept. of Innovation & Performance, City of Pittsburgh  (@pghIP)
Girish Ramachandran, Assistant Director, Information & Technology Services, City of Dallas  (@cityofdallas)

2:45 PM - 3:30 PM

Smart Cities At Their Core: A Smart Water Project That Delivered Resiliency When It Was Needed Most

Cities are focusing their smart initiatives on proven projects that address their core needs. Water infrastructure is one of those, as we recently saw with the extreme weather event in Texas. Citizens struggled with boil water mandates and suffered for days without communication or resolution. In this session, we’ll do a deep dive into the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project implemented for Woodlands Water, located just outside of Houston, TX. How did this project come to fruition? How did it impact their response to the devastating February winter storm, and what lessons were learned along the way? This session will provide a blueprint to cities looking for smart solutions that focus on their core infrastructure to deliver resiliency when it is needed the most.

Chad Nobles, Sr. Account Executive, Ameresco  (@ameresco)
Maureen Bourgeois, Accounting Manager, Woodlands Water  (@woodlandswater)

2:45 PM - 3:30 PM

Lidar For Smart Intersection Monitoring

Smart intersections can use lidar sensors to measure and monitor conditions in areas including pedestrian safety, vehicle traffic, and speed measurement and V2X communications. These lidar-based solutions can collect highly accurate, detailed 3D information about people, vehicles, bicyclists, and public spaces as a way to make intersections safer and more efficient. Lidar-based technology offers a cost-effective solution to improving traffic and mobility in densely populated areas and a wide range of weather and lighting conditions. Furthermore, unlike cameras, lidar does not recognize people’s characteristics, such as their faces or the color of their skin, making it an ideal sensor to support the needs of municipalities without compromising their citizens’ privacy. Panelists representing the City of Austin, Blue City Technology and Velodyne Lidar will talk about how they are implementing and utilizing lidar-based solutions for intelligent transportations systems. They will also discuss the ways in which this data is helping them rethink roadways and infrastructure, supporting their cities as they adapt smart city technology and thrive into the future. The proposed format for this is a panel discussion with a moderator. Jon Barad, one of the confirmed speakers below can serve as a moderator. But we are also able to secure an additional participant to serve as a moderator. We have the following three individuals already confirmed for this panel:

Jon Barad, VP of Business Development, Velodyne Lidar (moderator)  (@VelodyneLidar)
Jason JonMichael, Assistant Director, Transportation Department, Smart Mobility, Parking Enterprise & Mobility Services, City of Austin  (@austintexasgov)
Asad Lesani, CEO, Blue City Technology

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Networking + Expo Open

Wednesday April 14, 2021

10:00 AM

Opening Comments

Laura Benold, Managing Editor, Smart Cities Connect Media & Research  (@smartcityc)

10:02 AM - 10:10 AM

Digitalization As A Springboard To Urban Resilience, Economic Recovery and Equity

The first step to building a more sustainable, equitable and resilient city is through smarter critical infrastructure. See examples of how several modern cities are using data and automation in practical applications that protect their systems, fuel their economy, and make a meaningful difference in the quality of life of their residents.

Albert Cho, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Xylem  (@al_cho)

10:10 AM - 10:40 AM

Adapting Infrastructure In A Pandemic

Communities have faced a number of challenges in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic including keeping people safe, helping businesses stay afloat, and addressing the impact of the crisis on everything from transportation to education and long-term public health. This panel will examine the role of connected infrastructure in pandemic response and how new sources of information from sensors and shared datasets can help communities better deploy resources to meet public need.

Mari Silbey, Senior Director of Partnerships and Outreach, US Ignite (moderator)  (@msilbey)
Dan Bennett, VP Energy Product Management, Sensus  (@xyleminc)
Michael Allegretti, Chief Strategy Officer and Smart City Lead, Rubicon  (@mikeallegretti)
Mark Wheeler, Chief Information Officer, City of Philadelphia  (@wheelmrk)

10:40 AM - 11:20 AM

Driving Innovation The ‘Columbus Way’

Integral to Columbus’ implementation of the $50 million Smart City Challenge grants is doing things the “Columbus Way” – a local notion that groundbreaking work is best done in collaboration across the public, private, nonprofit and academic sectors. Check in with Columbus leaders to discuss how this spirit has helped the city deliver on its Challenge vision to empower residents to live their best lives through responsive, innovative and safe mobility solutions. Then hear how the initiative has inspired aligned regional investment and innovation, as well as future efforts to foster prosperity in the region.

Shayla Favor, Councilmember, City of Columbus, OH (moderator)  (@sdfavor)
Jordan Davis, Executive Director, Smart Columbus  (@jdlead)
Mandy Bishop, Deputy Director of Public Service & Smart Columbus Program, City of Columbus, OH  (@smartcbus)
Trudy Bartley, Associate Vice President, Local Government and Community Relations, Ohio State University  (@80_trudy)
Raja Sundararajan, President and COO, AEP Ohio  (@aepohio)

12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

Step-By-Step: How Cities Can Forge A Path To 100% Renewable Energy

City leaders and organizations across the country are making ambitious commitments to decarbonize electricity and support the transition toward a 100% renewable energy future. But how will they reach these goals? What are the right steps to take along the path to 100% renewable energy? The process of decarbonization is challenging. Grid operators must balance affordability and reliability as more renewable energy comes online. Utilities must find the right mix of energy resources to decarbonize, while planning for extreme weather events. Meanwhile, the call to increase renewable energy and take bold action on climate change grows louder every day. In this panel, experts will discuss how cities around the country can decarbonize the electricity sector — one step at a time. A representative from Wärtsilä and Path to 100% Community Expert will provide attendees with a Pathway to 100% renewable energy and present two case studies from cities in Florida and California. The other two panelists, a utility expert and energy market expert, will provide updates on the two case studies and how each city is continuing to reach its renewable energy goals.

Jim Maynard, Manager, Market Development, Wärtsilä Energy (moderator)  (@wartsilaenergy)
Rob McGarrah, General Manager, Electric & Gas Utility, City of Tallahassee, FL  (@cityofTLH)
David Millar, Director of Resource Planning Consulting, Ascend Analytics  (@ascendanalytics)

12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

Unveiling Universal Benefits and Challenges Within Smart Cities

How do you successfully navigate the transition from city to Smart City? It’s a question that communities are asking across the globe. First, we will discuss the common pitfalls such as improper funding, and acceptance criteria that lead to failed pilots. After outlining key risks, we will reveal effective tools and tactics that cities are using in the planning efforts. E Source will walk through practical steps that cities can take to reach their smart city goals.

Dale Pennington, President, E Source (moderator)  (@e_source)
Nicole Pennington, Senior Manager, Technology, Planning, and Implementation Consulting,, E Source  (@e_source)
Andrew Halbrook, Public Works Utilities Manager, City of Ruston  (@cityofruston)
Ryan Kurtzman, Smart Cities Program Manager, City of Long Beach  (@ryan_kurtzman)

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Smart Cities Startup Challenge

Join us for the 8th annual Virtual Smart Cities Startup Challenge, delivering transformational solutions to global cities and military components. Leading startups will pitch their solutions and engage with attendees and a review panel featuring investment, city, industry, and military leadership and tech prospectors. Then join us at 1:00 PM ET for a Live Zoom Roundtable with the Startups and Review Panelists! Bring your questions and interact via Zoom chat!

Jennifer Rocha, Executive Director - Corporate, Federal & Defense Programs, TechConnect (moderator)  (@smartcityc)
Startup Challenge Presenters
Intelligent Speed Bumps - SmartBumps, STSS - Smart Traffic Safety Systems

12:45 PM - 1:25 PM

Wi-SUN FAN: The Ideal Smart City Connectivity Solution

The densification of our cities is fueling a growing need for smart, automated, and wireless solutions designed to make major city infrastructure safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. The ideal smart city wireless solution should be secure, interoperable, and based on open global standards supported by a rigorous testing and certification program. Wi-SUN Field Area Network (FAN) meets that criteria and is a preferred smart city wireless network solution for myriad smart city use cases, supporting both high throughput applications for urban areas as well as long range for sensors and last mile connectivity – critically important attributes for smart city applications. This panel will explore Wi-SUN FAN’s numerous technical, performance, and reliability benefits compared to other LPWAN solutions including superior coverage and resilience through mesh networking, better interference mitigation through frequency hopping, and enterprise-grade security already proven at a very large scale. With nearly 100 million devices deployed globally, Wi-SUN FAN is a field tested and proven smart city technology with compatible devices already extensively deployed in North America and Japan. Deployments are also growing in LATAM, EMEA, and APAC countries. Learn how Wi-SUN FAN is particularly well suited to dense urban networks and rural smart agriculture applications alike, as well as how easy Wi-SUN networks are to configure and maintain.

Mitchell Klein, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships, IoT, Silicon Labs (moderator)
Phil Beecher, President, Wi-SUN Alliance
Abhijit Grewal, Senior Marketing Manager, Industrial and Commercial IoT, Silicon Labs
Thomas Herbst, Head of Market Solutions, Pelion
Eric Seiter, Vice President Customer Delivery, Landis & Gyr

12:45 PM - 1:25 PM

City Spotlights: Community Engagement

This moderated panel will explore and identify challenges and best practices presented by the participating cities.

Regina Ramazzini, Partnership and Community Director, TechConnect
Jennifer Sanders, Co-Founder and Executive Director, North Texas Innovation Alliance (moderator)
Joshua Edmonds, Director of Digital Inclusion, City of Detroit
Kevin Martin, Smart City PDX/Tech Services Manager, City of Portland, OR
Candelaria Mendoza, Smart City Coordinator, City of San Antonio
Dennis Gakunga, Chief Sustainability Officer, city of Chula Vista

1:00 PM - 1:25 PM

Live Roundtable with the Smart Cities Startup Challenge

Join us for a Live Zoom Roundtable with the Startups and Review Panelists! Bring your questions and interact via Zoom chat! Roundtable will also feature an exclusive presentation by The Ion: Coastal Resilience, Aerospace and Pivoting into Aerospace, Clean Energy, and Sustainability.

Jennifer Rocha, Executive Director - Corporate, Federal & Defense Programs, TechConnect (moderator)

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Networking Break: Set Up A Meeting

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

City Spotlights: Urban Infrastructure

Urban infrastructure is a broadly defined category describing the built environment and can include everything from broadband to bridges. Learn from these city leaders about how they prioritize projects and smart city applications. This moderated panel will explore and identify challenges and best practices.

Chelsea Collier, Editor-at-Large, Smart Cities Connect Media & Research (moderator)
Chetan Hassarajani, Manager – Digital Infrastructure and Support, City of Kitchener
Emily Yates, Smart City Director, City of Philadelphia
Ryan Trujillo, Director of Support Services, City of Colorado Springs

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

Automated Shuttles During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges for mobility. Agencies that were piloting automated shuttles took different approaches to the deployments and can discuss the challenges and successes with them. Most agencies conducting pilots have moved beyond demonstrating the technology and are now showcasing how they can fit into the transportation ecosystem. However, travel changed drastically in March 2020 and led agencies to suspend operations. Some were reborn with a new mission while others implemented precautions and resumed service. Other began service after a delay. This panel will cover a multitude of operational decisions related to automated shuttles during the pandemic. JTA – Transitioned shuttles from testing to delivering COVID-19 tests. Smart Columbus – Transitioned shuttles from passenger service to food pantry box delivery. Fairfax County– Launched passenger service during the pandemic. Grand Rapids – Resumed passenger service after implementing protocols and improvements."

Jeffrey Kupko, Smart Communities Lead, Michael Baker International (moderator)
Eta Nahapetian, Economic Initiatives Coordinator, Fairfax County
Mandy Bishop, Deputy Director of Public Service & Smart Columbus Progrram, City of Columbus
Bernard Schmidt, Vice President of Automation, Jacksonville Transportation Authority
Justin Kimura, MobileGR, Assistant Director, City of Grand Rapids

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

Smart Cities and Smart Bases: What It Takes To Bring Your Technology To This Compound and Complex Arena

Every day, cities are adopting smart technology solutions for the betterment of their communities and citizens. The Department of Defense (DOD), one of the largest land owners in the world with bases spanning every continent, share many of the same characteristics and needs of cities. Join us for this panel featuring city, incubator, veteran, and DOD leadership as they discuss the best ways to work with them in the Smart Cities/Smart Bases space.

Jennifer Rocha, Executive Director - Corporate, Federal & Defense Programs, TechConnect (moderator)
Christine Galib, Senior Director, Programs, The Ion
Margie Johns (Lt Col, Ret, Air Force), Board of Directors, Whidbey Veterans Resource Center
Jesse Bounds, Director of Innovation, City of Houston, TX
Brett Scharringhausen, Technology Scout for the Commander, Chief, Discovery & Integration of Science & Technology, United States Central Command (USCENTCOM)

2:45 PM - 3:30 PM

Smart City Solutions For Any Size Community and Budget

It is often assumed that smart city technology is only for big cities with big budgets. But with recent advances, even the smallest communities can use smart technology to address real challenges in their communities. Comcast is working with College Park, GA to bring technology solutions to help the City address new challenges in managing its curb space in light of COVID. This panel will explore how the partnership came to be, its goals, and some challenges. "

Doug Guthrie, SVP, Smart Cities/Rural Broadband, Comcast
Jeff Evans, Principal Research Engineer, Information and Computer Science Directorate, CDAIT, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Georgia Tech Research Institute (moderator)
Michael Hicks, Chief Information Officer, College Park, GA
Jake Purcell, Director, Comcast Smart Cities Sales and Operations
Keith Gornish, Go-To-Market & Product Strategy Lead, MachineQ
Ryan Donnelly, Executive Director, WiFi Solutions, Comcast Business

2:45 PM - 3:30 PM

Smart City, Space City

Houston, we have a problem! COVID-19 has shaped our cities in ways we never could have predicted and in ways we will never forget. As city leaders, entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, and individuals grapple with the new reality that cities around the world face, many opportunities to build better resilience and sustainability plans, protocols, partnerships, and products emerge -- not just here on Earth, but also in our space explorations as well. Smart City, Space City features how startups and minority business enterprises (MBEs) in, and partners of, The Ion's Smart and Resilient Cities Accelerator and The Ion's MBE Aerospace Innovation Hub are tackling these problems -- and creating opportunities that are out of this world in the process! Whether our future takes us from Earth, to the Moon, to Mars...or beyond, how we embed resilience and sustainability as we design our cities and launch our space explorations will shape how we create a future that is not just different, but better -- and better for all.

Courtney Cogdill, Program Manager, The Ion (moderator)
Christine Galib, Senior Director, Programs, The Ion
Charlotte Craff, Ambassador, re:3D
Dorit Donoviel, Diirector, BCM/Translational Research Institute for Space Health
Keith Cole, CEO, Water Lens

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Networking + Expo Open



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