Kip Harkness 

Deputy City Manager

City of San Jose 

Kip's purpose is to Awaken talented people to the spark of their full potential, and enable them to change themselves and the world, by creating; - spaces for people to gain insight and make wise decisions, - experiences that challenge people to achieve real success, and - practices which guide people to enduring happiness.

His career journey has taken him from Timbuktu to Silicon Valley. Along the way Kip has advised farmers on the edge of the Sahara, created the national award winning Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, managed complex real-estate deals, and lead a network of top technology leaders.

Kip is a(n)
- Accomplished change agent transforming communities and organizations by creating opportunities for people to have autonomy over their work and lives in connection with a greater purpose.
- Master facilitator with proven ability to connect diverse leaders in crafting wise agreements on complex, politically charged, issues.
- Proven implementer with over $300 M+ portfolio of successful projects ranging from pocket parks to residential high-rise.
- Inspiring leader and exceptional communicator with the ability to retain and attract talent needed to build capacity and sustain complex initiatives.

He is married to the fantastic Anne Ehresman, Executive Director of Project Cornerstone, and together they are the parents of two emerging leaders; Anya (age 16) – motto “think, paint, touché”, and Finn (age 12) “What if I was the god of Mathematics?”.