Austin Ashe

GM, Intelligent Cities

Current, powered by GE

Austin Ashe is the Co-founder and General Manager of GE’s Intelligent Cities business unit, which is part of Current, Powered by GE. In this role, he leads the sales channel, marketing, alliances, and engineering efforts required to deliver the worlds most advanced IoT sensor platform for cities, called CityIQ. Since the inception of the business only 3yrs ago (2014), Austin and his team have helped build the Smart Cities 2.0 market place, a cutting edge IoT technology needed to enable smart city application development, and the business model required to scale.  

Prior to being appointed General Manager, Austin held multiple roles within the Intelligent Cities business as it grew through multiple start-up phases including Global Product Manager where he developed four iterations of the product following the Lean-Startup/Fastworks principles as well as VP of Sales, where he led a team that sold the World’s largest IoT sensor platform to date in the City of San Diego. Austin has held multiple roles within his 10yr tenure at GE, including LED Driver Global Product Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Government Relations Operations Manager, Area Sales Manager, and Regional Environmental, Health, & Safety leader.  

Before joining GE, Austin held manufacturing and engineering roles at The Boeing Company, Haliburton Energy Services , Hewlett-Packard (HP), Lynntech’s Fuel Cell division, and NASA. He is an Eagle Scout and enjoys playing ice hockey, skydiving, drumming, and is currently learning how to become a playing card magician.