Alex Nesic



As COO for Immotor, LLC., Alex Nesic plays in integral role in US and global operations, leading development of brand strategy, partnerships, product development, marketing, and communication. Driven by a desire to promote innovative and sustainable solutions to traditional problems, Alex has been with the company since 2016. Prior to joining Immotor, Alex was Vice President of DryWired, a market leader in nanotechnology based surface treatments and chemistries focused on sustainability and durability. He specialized in commercializing these advanced technologies for applications in multiple fields. Alex worked with industry leaders such as Tesla, Uber, Procter & Gamble, Disney and the City of Los Angeles to introduce nanotechnology to manufacturing processes and infrastructure projects. Most of his life path has been motivated by a love of travel which has spurred a strong commitment to working with green technologies and promoting sustainable entrepreneurship. Alex graduated from Santa Clara University with a bachelor of arts in Spanish Literature and European History.