Santi Garces

Chief Innovation Officer

City of South Bend

Santiago Garces is the Chief Innovation Officer of the City of South Bend, Indiana. Mr. Garces started the Office in January of 2015. The Office of Innovation improves the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal services by developing talent, optimizing processes, and designing technology solutions. Some of the projects that the Office has implemented include a data framework to evaluate policies like the city’s Vacant and Abandoned Properties initiative; an actionable report that engages residents using municipal route, fleet, and dispatch optimization for public safety and municipal services. Overall the Office has identified and commenced implementations of projects that should save taxpayers over $11 million dollars.

South Bend and the University of Notre Dame have entered into an agreement that identifies Mr. Garces as the point of contact for the city in its collaborations for smart city research. In September of 2015, South Bend and Notre Dame became founding members of the Metro Lab Network, an ensemble of City-University partnerships across the nation that research, develop, and deploy smart city solutions. Mr. Garces is part of the steering committee of the Metro Lab.

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Mr. Garces holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, Political Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Notre Dame.