TJ Costello

Americas Director for IoT and Smart Cities


As Cisco’s Director for Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) for the Americas, TJ Costello brings a breadth of experience in market strategies and strategic alliances to the role. He works with cities across North, Central and South America. TJ helps city leaders identify strategies and solutions to address their operational challenges and leverage city data effectively and securely using the power of integrated networking technologies. He is focused on helping these cities to become smarter, more sustainable and more responsive to their citizens.

TJ is passionate about helping customers improve their communities and the lives of the citizens in them. He regularly collaborates with government leaders—from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, from Toronto to Mexico City—on the ways in which IoT can help cities boost economic development, reduce environmental impact and improve the delivery and engagement of citizen services.

Prior to joining the Smart+Connected Communities team, TJ held leadership positions at Cisco in cybersecurity, cloud and enterprise networking. Prior to joining Cisco, TJ held several positions delivering IT solutions to end customers.

TJ is a sought-after panelist and media spokesman on smart city topics at events across the Americas and abroad; he has been a featured speaker at CES, Cisco Live, Collison, Web Summit and a variety of other top-tier technology events during his career.

TJ is a graduate of St. Michael’s College and resides in Beverly, Mass., with his wife and son.