Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo
March 26-29, 2018, Kansas City, MO, In Partnership with usignite

2018 Poster Presentations

Tuesday March 27

1.Connecting the Smart-City Paradigm with a Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Systems Framework to Advance Equity in Communities
Shashi Shekhar, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
2.Sociotechnical Systems to Enable Smart and Connected Energy-Aware Residential Communities
Panagiota Karava, Purdue University
3.Community on Multimodality: Participatory Action, Service, and Support (COMPASS)
Daphney-Stavrou Zois, SUNY at Albany
4.Data-Informed Modeling and Correct-by-Design Control Protocols for Personal Mobility in Intelligent Urban Transportation Systems
Lillian Ratliff, University of Washington
5.Real-Time Algorithms and Software Systems for Heterogeneous Data Driven Policing of Social Harm
George Mohler, Indiana University
6.Resilient Water Systems: Integrating Environmental Sensor Networks and Real-Time Forecasting to Adaptively Manage Drinking Water Quality and Build Social Trust
Cayelan Carey, Virginia Tech
7.Smart & Connected Kids for Sustainable Energy Communities
Hilary Boudet, Oregon State University
8.Towards Quality Aware Crowdsourced Road Sensing for Smart Cities
Lu Su, SUNY at Buffalo
9.Building Resilient Coastal Cities through Smart and Connected Communities
Nancy Grimm, Arizona State University
10.Caution: Heavy Load Ahead
Kris Wernstedt, Virginia Tech
11.Community Energy: Technical and Social Challenges and Integrative Solutions
Jason Dedrick, Syracuse University
12.Defining Research and Education Challenges in IoT for Neighborhoods with Significant Numbers of Small-to-Mid-Sized Manufacturers
Robert Gao, Case Western Reserve University
13.Developing a Sensor-driven, Citizen Science Approach to Hazard Detection and Warning in Rural Communities
Ryan Brown, Rand Corporation
14.Enhancing Water Resource Management and Infrastructure Improvement through Sensing, Computation, and Community Engagement
Fang Jin, Texas Tech University
15.How Can Investments In Smart Cities Technologies Improve The Lives Of Low-Income, Inner-City Residents
Gerrit Knaap, University of Maryland College Park
16.Promoting Smart Technologies in Public Safety and Transportation to Improve Social and Economic Outcomes in a US EDA-Designated Critical Manufacturing Region
Seung-Jong Park, Louisiana State University
17.Smart & Connected Rural Communities
Cajetan Akujuobi, Prairie View A & M University
18.Smart and Connected Residential Water Quality Community
Vinka Craver, University of Rhode Island
19.Using Innovations in Big Data and Technology to Address the High Rate of Infant Mortality in Greater Columbus Ohio
Raghu Machiraju, Ohio State University
20.A Data-Driven Framework for Smart Decision-Making in Small and Shrinking Communities
Kimberly Zarecor, Iowa State University
21.Coordinated Autonomous Operation of UAVs in Urban First Responder Scenarios
Christian Poellabauer, University of Notre Dame
22.Designing an Integrated Mobile Application and Case Management Tool to Promote Behavioral Change in Criminal Populations Supervised in the Community
April Pattavina, University of Massachusetts Lowell
23.Smart, Connected, Engaged Senior Communities
Teresa Wu, Arizona State University
24.Urbanism Next Network Planning Grant
Nicolas Larco, University of Oregon Eugene
25.vSmart Connections for for Conserving and Catalyzing Cultural Community Resources
Donna Rizzo, University of Vermont
26.ZER0H: Zero Energy Ready Homes
Rajesh Kavasseri, North Dakota State University Fargo
27.Developing an Informational Infrastructure for Building Smart Regional Foodsheds
Thomas Tomich, University of California-Davis
28.One Bridge at a Time: Bridging the Digital Divide for the Well-Being of Aging Populations in Smart and Connected Communities
Mustafa Anil Yazici, SUNY at Stony Brook
29.Polycentric Development Toward the Vision of 21st Century Main Street in Virginia
Ila Berman, University of Virginia
30.Smart Civic Engagement in Rapidly Urbanizing Regions
Ross Meentemeyer, North Carolina State University
31.Mobility, Health, and Resilience in SCC: Building Capacities and Expanding Impact
Radha Poovendran, University of Washington
32.TTP Option: Medium: Building a Smart City Economy and Information Ecosystem to Motivate Pro-Social Transportation Behavior
Alexandros Labrinidis, University of Pittsburgh
33.Science of Design for Societal-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems
Janos Sztipanovits, Vanderbilt University
34.Overcoming Social and Technical Barriers for the Broad Adoption of Smart Stormwater Systems
Branko Kerkez, University of Michigan Ann Arbor
35.SONYC: A Cyber-Physical System for Monitoring, Analysis and Mitigation of Urban Noise Pollution
Juan Bello, New York University
36.A Novel Architecture for Secure, Energy-Efficient Community-Edge-Clouds with Application in Harlem
Daniel Kilper, University of Arizona
37.Building Capacity for Smart and Connected Management of Thermal Extremes
Paul Coseo, Arizona State University
38.Agent-based Scenario Planning for a Smart & Connected Community against Sea Level Rise in Tampa Bay
Yasin Yilmaz, University of South Florida
39.CityGuide: Beacon-Based Community-Driven Inclusive Wayfinding
Vinod Namboodiri, Wichita State University
40.Plan an Integrated Active Travel and Green Infrastructure System for Mental Wellbeing in Disadvantaged Communities through Crowdsourcing Technology
Hongwei Dong, California State University-Fresno
41.Towards Smart and Accessible Transportation Hub - Research Capacity Building and Community Engagement
Zhigang Zhu, CUNY City College
42.Pedestrian Safe and Secure Communities with Ambient Machine Vision
Hamed Tabkhi, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Wednesday March 28

105.Green Space and Livable Urban Development: A Comparative Case Study of Southeast Asian Cities
M. Tormey, Northeastern University
108.Smart Connections for Conserving and Catalyzing Cultural Community Resources
Asim Zia, M. Dewoolkar, D. Huston, D. Porter, J. Minot, H. Kirshenbaum, N. Vartanian & D.M. Rizzo, University of Vermont
112.Integrated Management of Water Resources for Smart Cities with the Internet of Things
E. Berglund, G. Mahinthakumar, N. Kaza, J. Bowen, M. Anwar, J. Pesantez, North Carolina State University
113.Cary NC Simulated Smart City
T. Yates, R. Serozi, N. Raimundo, K. Buchanan, J. Warner, Town of Cary, NC
114.The Data Science of Potholes
Data Science Team, Xaqt, Xaqt
115.CBRS for SmartCity and Public Spaces
Y. Abdelilah and R. Porayath, CBRS Alliance
116.Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation
J. Lorenz, Burns & McDonnell
119.Transportation Planning and Operations in a New Technology Era
G. Havinoviski and S. Perley, Iteris
121.How City Websites are Used
J. Vanderleeuw, A. Adams, H. Griffin and J. Sides, Park University and Southeast Missouri State University
123.Resiliency Modeling for Automated Mobility
J. Wendelberger and B. Sims, Los Alamos National Laboratory
126.Small City. Smart City.
City of Grandview, Missouri, City of Grandview, Missouri
128.Rapid acceptance and deployment of 5G infrastructure is key to creating a successful foundation for Smart City growth.
D. Wigdahl, K. Mandoske, nepsa solutions LLC
129.A Methodology for Placement of Sensors for Vehicle-To-Infrastructure Communication in a Smart City Environment
J. Kianfar, Saint Louis University
131.Augmented Reality and Cybersecurity Enhanced Monitoring and Mapping of Underground Infrastructure
D. Huston, D. Wu, T. Xia, L. Yang, Y. Liang, University of Vermont
134.PlanIt: Estimating Coverage in Low-Power Wide-Area Networks
Alan Marchiori and Keyi Zhang, Bucknell University
138.State Legislative Initiatives for Funding Transportation Improvements
Nicolas D. Norboge, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
139.Unpacking A New Global Autonomous Vehicle Business Model
T. Su, M. Arief and D. Zhao, University of Michigan


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