Shekhar Gupta


The Solutions Group

Shekhar is an accomplished product manager and visionary with a successful track record of launching and managing many networks and products in various market segments both domestically and Internationally. He has also built up new groups within a company and new companies from ground up to multi million dollars. He holds over 50 patents. He brings 20+ years of experience in various roles from engineering to product management and operations for fortune 100 and startup companies. Currently, Shekhar is working on creating two blockchain startups in Kansas City - one is Asuun, a behavior based location tracking company and other is Government blockchain Initiatives of Kansas City. Before that Shekhar worked for ARRIS/Motorola Google as a director of Global Systems Integration, where he led the management of new global products and managed consulting and professional teams. Shekhar has numerous industry certification, a BS in Electrical engineering from University of Nebraska, Lincoln.