Ryan Blackmon

Vice President of Advanced Technologies and Assistant General Counsel,

LStar Ventures

As the Vice President of Advance Technologies, Ryan leads Smart Cities and Sustainability initiatives at LStar Ventures’ flagship Union Point project, focused on creating the leading technologically advanced and environmentally conscious development in the world.  As the Assistant General Counsel, he provides legal assistance to the General Counsel and senior leadership team. He is responsible for contract drafting, legal review and legal underwriting. Prior to joining LStar, Ryan worked as a turnaround management consultant where he provided financial and managerial guidance to businesses in a wide variety of industries. His diverse background brings a unique perspective to LStar and allows him to provide legal, financial and managerial counsel in complex real estate development transactions. Ryan attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where he studied finance and operations management, Campbell University where he earned his JD/MBA and Duke University where he obtained his LL.M. in Law and Entrepreneurship.