Vinn White

Sr. Consultant

Deloitte Consulting

Mr. White has recently joined Deloitte Consulting following his distinguished career at USDOT. Mr. White served in numerous capacities in the Office of the Secretary, including acting as the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy. USDOT was at the center of an ambitious domestic agenda, ranging from implementing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s (ARRA) $48.1 billion authorization, to rebuilding the northeast transportation network in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He was also the chief Federal architect of USDOT’s 30-year forecasting and trends analysis report, entitled Beyond Traffic, for which he received the Secretary’s Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement During his last few years at USDOT, Vinn was part of a core group of advisors to Secretary Foxx driving transportation innovation across multiple areas, including shaping connected and autonomous vehicle policies, administering a round of AV proving ground designations, launching the very first Advisory Committee on Transportation Automation, and working with teams to manage the Smart City Challenge. Vinn is a proud graduate of the County College of Morris (NJ), and he holds degrees (B.S.; M.A.) from American University.