Steve Welch

Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Dreamit Ventures, Åland Islands

“Steve Welch is an entrepreneur whose ideas fly like sparks off an anvil.”                         - Philadelphia Inquirer   Steve started his first big entrepreneurial success, Mitos, in 2001 with hardly a cent to his name.  Without ever raising outside money Steve built Mitos into a global company in the biotech manufacturing field prior to selling it in 2007 at the age of 29 to a Fortune 500 company. Under Steve’s guidance Mitos developed several critical innovations and patents which transformed the manufacturing process of biological drugs and vaccines and allowed Mitos to develop a global sales and distribution network.   Following the sale of Mitos, Steve co-founded DreamIt Ventures, a new business accelerator model. Forbes recently ranked DreamIt the #3 accelerator in the world. The premise behind DreamIt is simple. We take excellent entrepreneurs from all over the world, put them all in the same space, give them the resources they need and take away as many impediments as possible and in an intense three months entrepreneurs will either achieve their next important market milestone (whether it be product launch, first revenue, establishing product-market fit, etc.) or will learn that their business idea is not viable.  The successes and efficiency of DreamIt have been remarkable. Companies that have come out of DreamIt include Scavenger, SeatGeek, Notehall, Adaptly, MindSnacks and over 200 others.   DreamIt is now and turning out 50+ technology companies per year. From this experience, Steve has worked with hundreds of early stage entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.     As a 2009 Eisenhower Fellow, Steve has spent time around the world studying all aspects of economic development. Throughout Asia, Europe and North America Steve has examined how economic development is impacted through 1) government policy 2) technology transfer institutions 3) funding sources and 4) culture.   In 2010 Steve published “We are all Born Entrepreneurs” in which he uses his story and those of over a dozen other entrepreneurs to explain what drives entrepreneurs, while at the same time sharing lessons learned from the success -- and failures -- of entrepreneurs.   In 2011 Steve started KinderTown as an educational app store for parents with children ages 3-8. KinderTown helps parents become their child’s best teacher by utilizing game based learning on the tablet with learning in the physical world. In 2013 with almost 400,000 users Steve sold KinderTown to Demme Learning.   In 2015 Steve founded Restore Cyrotherapy to revolutionize the anti pain and recovery industries by providing a unique consumer experience.  Restore currently has 6 locations spread through out the country.   Steve currently lives in Austin, TX with his wife Nicole, 9 year old daughter Elena, 7 year old son Jackson,5 year old daughter Sienna and 3 year old daughter Saylor.