Peter Torrellas

National Business Manager, State and Local Government 


Peter Torrellas is the National Business Manager for State and Local Government at Siemens and a Fellow at the Center for Neighborhood Technology leading Smart City initiatives. His current focus is on building performance, water infrastructure, and energy strategies. He previously held the position of CTO at Siemens Infrastructure & Cities. His portfolio included logistics, aviation, passenger and freight Rail, ports, and road and city Mobility. Peter has over 20 years of experience in innovation and infrastructure and began his passion for making our cities smarter over a decade ago by successfully designing and delivering over $500M in software, hardware and IT technology for New York City’s infrastructure. Peter is a nationally recognized thought leader in the design and implementation of new technologies within our built infrastructure and was recently hosted by the United Nations, the World Bank Group, the United Sates Conference of Mayors, Regional Plan Association, the National Academies of Sciences , and many others to discuss the role of technology in our cities. Peter has been quoted by BBC News, The National League of Cities, CNN Money, Metro Magazine, TechCrunch, The Financial Times, The International City and County Managers Association, and several more.