Abhi Nemani

Interim CIO

City of Sacramento

Abhi Nemani is a writer, speaker, organizer, and technologist. He is currently building a govtech startup called EthosLabs, designed to accelerator good government through great technology. Additionally, Mayor Kevin Johnson of Sacramento has appointed him as interim Chief Innovation Officer to build out the city's budding startup sector, through venture investments, grants, and partnerships. Previously, he served as the first Chief Data Officer for the City of Los Angeles, where he led the city's efforts to build an open and data-driven LA. As CDO, Abhi led Los Angeles to #1 ranking for US open data cities, by publishing over 400 datasets and earned the city the Platinum Open Data Certification; to help put that data to work, he mobilized LA's growing developer community by hosting hackathons and by building independent civic tech non-profits. To drive innovation within city hall, Abhi built a nationally-recognized Mayoral Dashboard, led data and analytics trainings for city staff, and piloted data science projects to address key policy issues.