Eyal Feder-Levy


ZenCity, Israel

Eyal Feder-Levy, 30, is the CEO and co-founder of ZenCity, urban startup from Tel Aviv measuring wide-scale citizen feedback in cities using advanced AI. ZenCity is currently working with major cities such as Paris, Tel Aviv, and many other cities, impacting the lives of millions of citizens daily. Before founding ZenCity Eyal had been part of the founding team of “City Center”, Tel Aviv University’s Interdisciplinary Center for Cities and Urbanism. He is a graduate of the “Lautman Program for Outstanding Students”, TAU’s honor program, where he studied towards a B.Sc in Computer Science and an MA in Urban Planning. Apart from ZenCity and academic work, Eyal is part of WEF's future of Urbanism advisory board, the youngest board member of the Israeli Urban Planners’ Association, and part of the ONYA Collective for creative urbanism. Eyal is an experienced public speaker with appearances in WEF’s Davos annual meeting and TEDx.