David Graham

Deputy COO

City of San Diego

David Graham is a veteran local government advisor having worked for the County of San Diego and City of San Diego as well as a stint in private sector public affairs. Serving on Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s Executive Leadership team as DCOO for the Office of Neighborhood Services, he oversees a group of departments including Libraries, Parks & Recreation, Development Services, Economic Development, Planning, and the Arts and Culture Commission. Graham has worked for several San Diego Mayors and has represented the City on planning and civic innovation initiatives including Smart City San Diego, CleanTECH San Diego, Envision America and the national MetroLab Network. His smart cities work includes the first all-electric car-share fleet in North America, an open-data platform for development permitting, a partnership with GE to deploy sensors in LED enabled smart streetlights and using technology to achieve municipal climate change goals. Representing the City as a core team member, Graham was instrumental in developing the region’s Go Global strategy and represents the City on the Global Cities Initiative, a partnership of Brookings and JPMorgan Chase. His passion for land use, civic engagement and intelligent infrastructure has led him to be a regular speaker from the metropolitan perspective on these issues including Bloomberg Philanthropies City Innovators Summit , Globe 12, Minds + Machines, Connected Futures, City Innovate Summit, CityAge and VERGE.