Kostas Dimitriou

General Manager


Kostas Dimitriou is the General Manager of GovQuote, a company dedicated to improving government purchasing through innovative, real-time, web-based solutions.

Prior to his current position, Kostas was an executive director at American Computers and Engineers, an international technology integrator. Before joining GovQuote, he held leadership assignments in business development, sales and marketing, technology services, service development, and engineering operations in IT and telecom businesses. Kostas also worked in the healthcare, retail, infrastructure, and banking fields, making him a well-rounded business leader.

Blending his wealth of experience in technology and government procurement, Kostas leads the GovQuote team to develop effective, unique purchasing strategies to help government agencies save time and money.

Kostas is a University of Florida graduate with a bachelor's degree in finance and economics and holds a master's degree in computer information systems from Bentley University.