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Smart 50 Award 2018

Smart 50 Awards

Honoring the 50 most transformative smart projects each year.

Smart 50 Awards, in partnership with Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation, and US Ignite, annually recognize global smart cities projects, honoring the most innovative and influential work. Primary categories include the following:

digital transformation
data, AI, sensors, IoT, cyber security, privacy, blockchain;

urban operations
public safety, planning, emergency response, sustainability;

urban infrastructure
networks, 5G, utilities, energy, grid, lighting, water, waste;

smart mobility
transportation, autonomous vehicles, public transit, ride share, and

community engagement
policy, funding, commerce, inclusion, governance.

Strong applicants submitted innovative projects with current or future municipal-scale impact and application. Project clarified their connection with a municipal or municipal-similar partner such as a county, region, campus, installation, base, or facility complex.

Entry fees support city leader travel to Smart Cities Connect events and are managed by Smart Cities Connect foundation, a 501c6 nonprofit. The fee to apply is $300.

Finalists receive one (1) full registration waiver to Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo in Denver, Colorado and (2) gala awards tickets.


Awards Gala

Details subject to change.

April 1, 2019
Denver, Colorado


Application deadline: Friday, November 9, 2018

Smart 50 Awards

2018 Award Recipients

Community Awards - Community awardees exemplify a groundswell of support from leaders and community members within a municipality, in connection with the project.

Ypsilanti Fire Station Solar Installation, Ypsilanti, MI, US
Greenville Automated Taxi Shuttles, Greenville, SC, US

Citizen Life Awards

Understanding Citizens in Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
Home Care Services in Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
Safety and Happenings in Rio de Janiero, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Energy Awards

CITyFiED, RepliCable and InnovaTive Future Efficient Districts and Cities, Laguna de Duero-Valladolid, Spain; Soma, Turkey; Lund, Sweden
Smart Cities Through Smart Lighting, Brussels, Belgium
Energy Sharing and Cost Savings with OhmConnect, Berkeley, CA, US
Smart Pole & Intelligent Street Lighting, Bhopal, India
Philadelphia Energy Campaign for Multi-Family Affordable Housing, Philadelphia, PA, US
Underground Infrastructure Sensing, Burlington, VT, US; Winooski, VT, US; Chattanooga, TN, US
Austin SHINES Project, Austin, TX, US
Idaho's First Commercial Zero Net Energy Building, Boise, ID, US
Montreal Smart Public Lighting Control Project, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Transforming Household Waste in Austin, Austin, TX, US
Wireless IoT Connectivity Platform in San Leandro, San Leandro, CA, US
San Francisco International Airport Terminal 1 Redevelopment: View Dynamic Glass, San Francisco, CA, US
Air, Noise, and Smart Traffic Monitoring in Ireland, Galway City, Ireland; Limerick, Ireland; Cork, Ireland; Dublin City, Ireland

Governance Awards

Kansas City Smart City Initiatives, Kansas City, MO, US
Bhopal Plus App, Bhopal, India
Crime Big Data Analytics from Atlanta Police Department, Atlanta, GA, US
PMC Citizen Assistance, Response and Engagement (CARE), Pune, India
Homeless Data Sharing in Sacramento, Sacramento, California, US
MyRichmond, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Gang and Crime Prevention in St. Louis with Smart Streetlights, St. Ann, MO; St. Charles, MO; St. Louis, MO, US
Lake Flood Prevention with Smart Gateway Sensors, Lakeland, FL, US

Horizons Awards - Horizon awardees demonstrate foundational and inspiring groundwork for future smart cities projects.

Schenectady Smart City Report, Schenectady, NY, US
Yucaipa Business Incubator Center, Yucaipa, CA, US
Annapolis Renewable Energy Park-Solar Segment Project, Annapolis, MD, US
Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan, Chula Vista, CA, US

Mobility Awards

Turnit BiBo, Tartu, Estonia
Marietta TravelSafely App, Marietta, GA, US
Solar Assisted Electric Vehicle Charging and Car Share, Chattanooga, TN, US
VIA Mobile Ticketing System, San Antonio, TX, US
India's First Public Bike Share Program, Bhopal, India
Smarter Streets with Video Analytics in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, US
Nation's First Self-Driving Shuttle Pilot in Public Right-of-Way, Las Vegas, NV, US
Intelligent Video Analytics in Singapore and at Changi Airport, Singapore
Intelligent Transport System (ITS), Bengaluru, India
Mobile Application for BMTC Project, Bengaluru, India
The Texas Innovation Alliance, Arlington, TX, US
oneTRANSPORT Initiative, Watford, England; Oxford, England
Electric Drive, Austin, TX, US
Vision Zero Project, Las Vegas, NV, US
Automated Video Analytics for Improved Mobility in Austin, Austin, TX, US

Networks Awards

Emergency Internet Bypass Lane Protocol, Rochester, NY, US
Campbell River Advantage Network, Campbell River, Canada
World's Largest Network of IoT Sensors on City Streetlights, San Diego, CA, US
The Ammon Model, Ammon, ID, US
Richmond Hill Smart Street Lighting Conversion Project by Ameresco , Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
StormSense, Hampton Roads, Virginia, US
Array of Things, Chicago, Illinois, US
Simulated Smart City, Cary, NC, US

Applications are reviewed by members of our global city leader community. Awardees are encouraged to attend the Smart 50 Awards Gala in April 2019 with at least two attendees of the project team.


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